Jefferson County Mayors Cooperate on Pact to Prevent Intercity Business Poaching

Mayors from 22 cities in Jefferson County signed a “Good Neighbor Pledge” Wednesday, committing their cities to a set of Read the full release.  

Lower Percentage of College Freshmen in Need of Remedial Education

The percentage of first-time college students assigned to remedial education before embarking on college courses continues to drop, according to Read the full release.  

College-Going Rates for Alabama High Schools

The college-going rate for Alabama public high school graduates declined in 2017, and for the first time in three years, Read the full release.  

Leaders in the Shoals Seek Greater Collaboration

Energized by a climate of opportunity and a burst of positive attention for the region, civic leaders in the Shoals Read the full release.  

Making the Workforce System Work for Alabama

Alabama has a record low unemployment rate, with employers hungry for employees. It is a moment of great opportunity to Read the full release.  

Alabama’s Prison System: A Crisis in Corrections

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How we view, value, and fund the justice system generally, and prisons, in particular, is complex and value-laden, particularly in Read the full release.  

The Lasting Effect of Alabama First Class Pre-K

By on January 28th, 2019 in , : in Education & Workforce Development

Students who attended the First Class Pre-K program in Alabama are more likely to be proficient in reading and math Read the full release.  

At 199, Alabama Still Growing, but Slowly

By on January 22nd, 2019 in , : in Quality of Life

As Alabama approaches its 200th birthday, the state is still adding population but at a slower rate than most of Read the full release.  

PARCA collaborates on new research showing Alabama’s First Class Pre-K students are performing better on academic assessments than others

Alabama public school students who participated in the state’s publicly funded First Class Pre-K program performed better on academic assessments Read the full release.  

How Alabama Taxes Compare, 2018 Report

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Alabama’s state and local governments collect less per capita in taxes than state and local governments in any other state Read the full release.