PARCA Winter Quarterly Tackles Budgeting, Corrections, Medicaid, and Education

The PARCA Quarterly Winter 2015 edition provides perspective on Alabama’s budget challenges and reform efforts in education, Medicaid, and the Read the full release.  

PARCA has and continues to

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WHAT PEOPLE SAY “PARCA has and continues to provide MAEF and our community data as an unbiased third party entity. Read the full release.  

Court cost collections continue to sag

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In tough budget years, lawmakers have often looked for alternative ways to bring in revenue to support state government operations. Read the full release.  

ACT Aspire Statewide Results

The Alabama Department of Education this week released statewide results of its Grades 3-8 assessment tests, broadly known as the ACT Read the full release.  

The Nation's Longest Constitution Just Got Longer

Enlarge to explore. It’s now official. In 2014, Alabama added 12 more amendments to its constitution, bringing the total number to Read the full release.  

Budding interest in changing the way we budget in Alabama?

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Budget discussion, State Board of Education, Nov. 12 With the General Fund facing an acute shortfall and the education budget Read the full release.  

2014 Education Trust Fund Performance

While the looming shortfall in Alabama’s ailing General Fund has received much attention, the state’s Education Trust Fund (ETF) isn’t Read the full release.  

A Look at 2014's Anemic General Fund Performance

The final tallies are in for fiscal year 2014 collections to the state’s General Fund. The results are, as usual, Read the full release.  

Alabama’s Corrections Conundrum

The Alabama Department of Corrections has jurisdiction over more than 32,000 individuals who’ve been convicted of a crime and are Read the full release.  

A New Prescription for Medicaid

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Any attempt to address the perennial shortfalls faced by the state’s General Fund account has to start with attention to Read the full release.