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Governor Extends Statewide Mask Order

Press conference begins at the 9:30 mark.

Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday, July 29, extended the statewide mask requirement until Aug. 31 Masks or other facial coverings will remain required when in public indoor spaces and in outdoor spaces where more than six feet of social distance can’t be achieved.

The Governor’s order also extends the mask requirement to children and employees in school settings. This includes students from second grade through college. At the same time, Ivey said she wanted to encourage every community to open schools, where it is possible. Ivey said she feared a dramatic negative impact on student progress and proficiency if children continue to go without in-person instruction.

Scott Harris, the state health officer, said that new cases have continued at a high level. COVID-19 has been linked to 1,500 deaths. As of late July, hospitals were setting all-time records for in-patient populations, with around 1,600 hospitalized. Harris said that the elevated numbers may be a result of 4th of July holiday gatherings, noting that a similar surge was observed in the weeks after Memorial Day.

Tracking the Virus

Using data gathered by Johns Hopkins University and made available to the public, PARCA designed the visualization below, which allows the user to focus on Alabama and individual counties.

Alabama Department of Public Health provides daily updates to a dashboard displaying confirmed Coronavirus cases across the state. A series of tabs at the bottom of the map provide views of a variety of Coronavirus statistics, like daily trends and averages, rates by county, hospitalizations, and demographics of those affected.

A note of caution. The true extent of the virus is unknown. The number of confirmed cases does not equate to the prevalence of the virus in a county. Testing availability varies and results take time to process. One should assume that the virus is present and will spread unless protective measures are followed.

Mapping cases on a local level

The Jefferson County Department of Health is now providing mapping of COVID-19 cases by health districts which are based on zip codes