2017 PARCA Annual Meeting

2017 Agenda
Presentations – 
          Ryan Hankins, Executive Director – PARCA
          Brittany DeBarros, Collective Impact Associate – Living Cities

2016 PARCA Annual Meeting

2016 Agenda
PARCA Annual Survey of Public Opinion
2016 Survey Toplines
2016 Survey Presentation

2015 PARCA Annual Meeting

2015 Agenda
Presentations – 
         Bennet Wright, Executive Director – Alabama Sentencing Commission
         Dr. Donald Willamson, Public Health Officer – Alabama Dept. of Public Health
         Kim Eason, Executive Director – Care Network of East Alabama
Governor Bentley’s Luncheon Remarks

2014 PARCA Annual Meeting

2014 Agenda
          Neal Wade: Introduction
          Don Harriott: Education Equals Jobs
          Dr. Randolph Horn: 2013 PARCA Survey (remarks)
                    Survey Toplines
                    AASB Survey Toplines
          Governor’s College & Career Ready Task Force Report

2013 PARCA Annual Meeting

2013 Agenda
          Jim Williams: Introduction
          Dr. Randolph Horn: 2013 PARCA Survey (remarks)
          Survey Toplines
          Jim Williams: Recognizing Success: PARCA Research on School Performance
          Dr. Joe Adams: Gains for Poverty Students
          Dr. Tommy Bice: Public Education in Alabama
          Dr. Rhonda Waltman: Learning Supports: A Unified and Comprehensive System
          Ms. Margaret Morton, Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers, Sylacauga Alliance for Family Enhancement
          Speaker Biographies


2012 PARCA Annual Meeting

         Professor Randolph Horn’ Presentation
          The State’s Role in Local Financial Distress
          Video: Performance Management in State Government
  • David Thorpe, Director of Customer‐Focused Government, State of Tennessee
  • David Perry, Chief of Staff to Governor Robert Bentley
  • Hon. Del Marsh, President Pro Tempore of the Alabama State Senate


2011 PARCA Annual Meeting

         2011 PARCA Survey State Toplines


2010 PARCA Annual Meeting

2010 Program
          Professor Randolph Horn’s Presentation of the PARCA Survey Results
         Candidate Bios


2009 PARCA Annual Meeting

2009 Program
          Dr. Ira Harvey: Finding a Long-term Equilibrium between State Revenues and Expenditures
          Professor Randolph Horn
          Jeremiah Newell, Mobile Area Education Foundation